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If you haven’t been to Politi’s meat and cheese stand yet you’ve got to go!! I had so much fun on this shoot. To start with, they are located in the ADORABLE little down of New Hope. While it may be small, there is more than enough to do and sights to see. Located in the Farmers Market, they serve a plethora of quality meats and cheeses. Served Platter style, on a sandwich and even in a cone made of PARMASEAN! If you don’t believe me, you can go and watch Amanda (Owner) cook this wonderful cheese cone (Talking about food so good you ate the plate!). Being in a market, you can also pair your selection with a wonderful glass of wine from their neighboring stand (cheese and wine?! Yes please). After shooting all of Amanda and Mikes delicious food, not only was I starving, but I was curious why they decided to open their new business! Funny enough, Amanda opened it because of a dream she had one night, along with a tremendous love for food! After the shoot I was nearly drooling from how good the food looked! Thankfully, the couple sent me home with some sandwiches. Let me be the first to tell you, they are as good as they look!! So ,if you’re a food lover, you’ve got to get to Politi’s and try one of their amazing meat and cheese selections!

Cheer to following you’re dreams, Amanda and Mike!!!